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Aug. 10th, 2009


ugh come on x.x

Short Backstory:
I fuck with stupid user on FA with alternate account, kid NOT EVEN INVOLVED IN IT comes in and whines on my page then blocks me before I can reply, gets account banned. Kid follows me to Gaia, gets me banned from guild cuz he whined I was a troll. Follows me to a thread on Gaia's main forum and whines that I'm still trolling him. I hide in my other guilds for awhile. Come back out into thread on main forum and owner is having shitfit about me because I won't debate with her over stupid banner on FA. I use another account to shut her up and he kisses her ass going "OMG IT'S HIM BAN HIM!", she bans me from thread. Retreat to guilds again. Get Twitter and watch old friend, find out old friend is now boyfriend to the kid. Kid is now suddenly friends with people I'm friends with on MSN, kid is now all over twitter and MSN and FA, and NOW he's in a fucking LJ community I joined doing shit he was crying about ME doing when I first met him.

Jeezus fucking christ, I just can't get the fuck away from this fucking kid...
No matter where I go HE'S FUCKING THERE. And I just don't fucking get WHY he's there either. I wonder if like, every furry I thought was cool is really into whiners and little pieces of shit like him, or if like he's some kinda new troll where he just whines to stupid people to get other people banned/in trouble rather than actually trolls.
It pisses me off though that he's in that LJ community WHERE WE TALK SHIT ABOUT USERS CRAPPY ART when just last year he was crying about me making fun of some other kids crappy art. So either he changed his mind or something else idk. But it's fuckin annoying that I can't seem to go anywhere without running into him. And I lost respect for a lot of people now that I see they're friends with him and shit.
I prolly wouldn't care so much if he wasn't such a little bitch and got me banned from a few things, especially when it didn't even fucking involve him. He was just fucking white knighting to make himself feel better.
All I know is, I know he goes to some convention around here sometimes. I'm just so fucking tempted to go there when he goes and start shit with him IRL and see what happens. While I'm not 100% confident I can kick his ass, I have been in a couple fights before and I can at least hurt him a little...

Nov. 15th, 2008


You know they're "fucking" each other...

lol I was just reading an old forum I used to frequent.
I noticed 3 users that were always around each other (lol one seemed more like a tag along) they were always drawing each other and ganging up on people and other crap.
They were trying to do the whole "lol internet" thing, but they did it wrong and just came off as douchebags.
But yeah obviously, even though they claim to be straight (from what I remember) it's obvious they're prolly e-sexing each other XD
I mean, jeez, I e-sex Shippo and even I don't hang around him and follow him to every site and flame people I don't know just cause he does XD

That's how it is with furries though, you can't be in a monogamous relationship if you want friends/things. Sex is like the currency in this fandom.
Seriously, look at the furries that are "whores" and you'll see they have more "friends" and art than people who are in a committed relationship (not to be mistaken with people in a relationship but cheat on their mate).
I mean hell, I'm a generally nice person to get along with, yet I barely have any friends in the furry fandom. While this kid I know, who's an asshole to everyone, but will yiff anyone that asks, has a ton of friends and gets art almost everyday (exaggeration)
Kinda sucks, especially since my "friends" are pretty decent artists, yet they never do any pics for me, even though I did some for them (one has been promising me a pic for almost a year now, another keeps "forgetting" what I asked for when I did an art trade with him and did my side), it really pisses me off that it was my anniversary this past Tuesday and it'll be my B-day this upcoming Tuesday and I gotta beg for art and *laughs* actually pay for some because no one wants to do any just to be nice.

I wish I wasn't such an art whore, I don't even know why I am. Most of the art I get (for free) sucks or doesn't interest me that much.
I know I'm an art whore for fat pics cause, lets face it, I get off to them. No one ever wants to do a free fat pic for me though, I usually have to pay to get one (not always true, I'm getting 2 for sending someone Photoshop). I do get requests from people, but they take advantage that it's a request and don't make it fat and make it skinny art >.<
All the fat artists I like only seem to do free art for their friends only, the only way for me to get art from them is commissions (though like I said, sent one of them PS so I get 2 free pics), which sucks, but I guess it's a price to pay for being committed to Shippo...

lol I needed this, I wanted to ramble and now I did XD

Jul. 27th, 2008


Life sure is boring...

Well since FA has been down for a month and I left PAWG, I haven't had shit to do in the longest time...
It doesn't help when it's hot out everyday and my parents won't turn the AC on x.x

I dunno why but anytime it's hot out I feel like shit and don't feel like doing ANYTHING at all, I can't wait for Fall, Winter, and Spring again...

I hope to see Shippo sometime in August, from the 1st till the 12th though train tickets will be $160 round trip though, so I gotta try and wait till after then. We dunno if I'll get a chance or not though since his Dad hurt his leg so his parents are there all day basically.
I wish he'd just let us tell our parents about us already, I don't think it'd be as bad as he thinks it would x.x

I saw The Dark Knight last week, it was freaking awesome and I hope to see it again before it's out of theaters, but if not that's fine. I'm sad Heath Ledger died now cause he was great as Joker. When I heard he was gonna be Joker I was upset at first, but I admit, I was wrong.

Well that's all I can think of for now...

Mar. 31st, 2008


Giftart annoyance...


It really is annoying when I see people getting giftart from the same artist a shitload of times. I watch some artists on FA cause they have cool art, but it gets really old seeing the same people in every other submission.
It gets even more annoying when some artists are all "I don't do requests ever!" but then you see them do a ton of pics for one person. The worst ones of all though are the ones that say they don't do requests or commissions, but again they still do art of one person a bunch of times.

I get like doing it for mates/boyfriends/girlfriends, but it's kinda retarded to be constantly doing free art for ass kissers good friends all the time, give some other people a chance to get something nice for once, go look at your watch list and pick a random person or look at their page and see if they could use some art, go ask some people that occasionally comment on your stuff if they want some giftart, or next time you feel like doing one of your friends yet again, go say you're taking requests instead for once.

I know some artists really need to take a look at their so called friends, cause I bet 90% of them wouldn't be friends with the artist if they didn't do good art and do free art for them.
I mean look at me, my art is shitty and I only have 2 good friends, 3 at the most even though if you ask my friends I'm like the nicest person they've met.
I bet any money if I suddenly became a GOD at doing art I'd have people lining up to be my friend and talk to me all day.


I woulda posted this on FA but I prolly woulda had several people I don't know suddenly pop up and go "OMG I'll be friends with you!" or "It's the artists choice who they draw deal with it!"
When I don't care, I'm just getting it off my chest.
And no this isn't me whining that I'm not getting art, I do get art, but I actually be patient and wait around in the FA forums for people to offer them, not go randomly bug someone for some. And sadly since I don't kiss up to the good artist I like to watch I don't get any art from them.

Feb. 1st, 2008


I might as well stop trying to be nice...

And just be annoying 24/7 now.

Mainly cause furries bore me anymore unless there's drama afoot.

Also cause there's this one furry who can't make up his fucking mind if he wants to be my friend or not cause one minute I'm doing favors for him and he said he'd do a pic of my mate, then the next he's acting like a huge douche towards me in front of everyone just to up his "coolness" factor.

But whatever, I don't like being nice to anyone but Shippo anyway. Don't see the point.

Dec. 30th, 2007




Why do all the retarded furs get all the free gift art?
Why do they get to beg and bug and annoy artists till they get their way and get kick ass art, while normal furs that ask nicely or wait patiently get shoved to the side?
Why doesn't anyone say shit to the retarded furs when they make shitty journals everyday about leaving FA or taking down their shitty art, while normal furs that make the occasional one get flamed to hell?
Why do they get away with talking like a retard and not even bothering to spell correctly or turn off their caps lock, but when a normal fur makes one slip up everyone has to tell them about it?

Why do I do nice things for people when I know I'll never get repaid?
Why don't people repay me for helping them out when they needed it?
Why do some people say they'll do art for me then never do it?
Why can't some people do art of my mate when I ask for him?

Why can't I just sleep?

Oct. 11th, 2007


Update regarding fursonas

Well I made 2 updates with my fursonas.

The first update is that I am no longer doing Zolterdeus. I have Zoltan as my fursona and Alterdeus as my persona, I don't need a 3rd one really. I only wanted Zolterdeus because I like Red and Black, but after awhile I realized he looks too much like a typical Emo furry. And since I hardly feel like that I don't need him anymore xP

The second update is that I've changed how Zoltan looks. I just think that he looked too generic since I never changed much of my SL avatar (which I base my fursonas off). So I changed his face around a bit and I think it looks better http://img104.imageshack.us/img104/9475/zoltan2zd5.jpg

Sep. 27th, 2007


Ugh sometimes I hate not being popular or good at art or rich...


I really like art of my characters, I don't know why, I just do.

It sucks that I can't be a good artist to get other good artists to do free art of me.
It sucks I'm not popular enough to get free art for being friends with someone.
It sucks I'm not rich so I can buy 500 pieces of art at $50 a pop.
It sucks that I got so many ideas in my head for art but I can't make any of them and I can't work up the nerve to ask an artist to do it for me as a request.
It sucks I'm so nervous to ask for a request because of one bad experience with an artist a year ago...

Okay I feel a bit better now...
And yes I know I basically said this on FA just a little while ago, but here at least I can complain more and know not many people will see it and won't get mad or give me art out of pity (aka to have me stop whining).

Sep. 24th, 2007


Odd Dreams ftw

For some reason I had a few odd dreams last night...

I don't remember too many details, only that it kept changing between these;

Me and 5 other furries, me only knowing 2 of them. Those 2 being Tori and Daryl. We were doing something with drawing and magic. Tori got hurt and 2 furs had healing magic and tried to help. The other 3 furs, including me, didn't have magic so we just stood around and when we tried to help by just mimicking the other furs they got pissed at us and told us to take it back.

A musical with some guy I never met but I hated like a villain going to a dance with my Mom and trying to get her to be with him.

Me in a house all alone, doing laundry, and every time I came out to check it there was something amiss and then I started thinking there was someone in the house fucking with me. I was talking out loud then getting a bunch of things to use as weapons, one of them being a box of cereal.

So yeah, funny ass dreams. But I don't get the meaning behind them...

Sep. 18th, 2007


Career Test.

Stolen from hoodahdc
1. Go to http://www.careercruising.com/
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions using the same username and password.

Here's what I got:


Computer Network Specialist


Computer Support Person




Web Developer


Stationary Engineer




Data Entry Clerk




Video Game Developer


Pharmacy Technician


Special Effects Technician




Bank Teller






Medical Transcriptionist


Customs Broker




Insurance Underwriter


Administrative Assistant


Film Processor


Biological Tech


Manufacturing Machine Operator




Printing Press Operator




Marine Biologist


Food Scientist


Health Records Professional


Family and Consumer Scientist


Property Manager


Real Estate Appraiser






Medical Lab Tech


Interior Designer


Dental Lab Tech


Broadcast Technician




Set Designer

I lol'd at #12.
#1 sounds really good, I'm in college now for Web Design, but I've been thinking if I should switch or not because I heard that Web Design jobs are going down due to outsourcing.

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